About Barbara

After my study I have travelled the world extensively. I treasure my unforgettable travel experiences. Absolute highlights have been: assisting the National Park Corcovado rangers in Costa Rica, where I was lucky to encounter 2 jaguars on a beach. In Bolivia, I have been taking care of neglected animals eg. pumas, scarlet macaws & monkeys for Inti Wara Yassi project. Horseback riding across the plains of the Pantanal in Brasil. In Panama, I was lucky to stay with the indigenous Kuna-tribe at the islands of San Blas.

After having travelled across Latin America , I decided to live and work as a tour leader in Costa Rica. I moved to the gold miners town Puerto Jimenez. Here I started a local travel agency, organising tours into the Corcovado National Park. Consequently, I have made many friendships in Latin America.

My daughter was born in Costa Rica. After a while, we moved back to the Netherlands. Yet every day, I was missing the Latin-American lifestyle! That’s why I return to Latin America every year.

In 2009 I started up my own business as a touroperator based in The Netherlands. Unico Travel has been around for 10 years now and I can proudly say that we have become a specialist in the field of travel to destinations in Latin America.

Every year I am travelling with my daughter to explore destinations of Latin-America. These are unforgettable moments such as: hiking with a private guide through the National Park Serranía de la Macarena & along the colorful river Caño Cristales. Also, I will never forget kayaking together on the Golfo Dulce where we spotted a humpback whale whilst kayaking. Anybody surely would want to experience that! Every single travel experience, will turn into a lasting memory.
Exploring together, traveling, getting to know new cultures and staying at unique special places, are the most important aspects of life for me.

Experiencing the “pura vida” feeling, which we are often simply missing because of our busy lives. That’s what I want for all travelers who travel with Unico Travel! I am always grateful to hear that travelers still remember their unique journey through Unico Travel after many years.