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Be inspired and make a round trip through Costa Rica, completely custom made.

Travelling through Costa Rica? Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful nature destinations in the world because of the diversity of landscapes and wildlife. Enjoy the pristine rainforests and fairy-tale cloud forests during a trip through Costa Rica. In addition, the country has many volcanoes and tropical beaches. Spot the most diverse animal species and get to know the hospitable tico’s and tica’ s. In short, a trip through Costa Rica means enjoying the diversity of nature and wildlife. Relax on the tropical beaches with swaying palm trees and discover sloths and monkeys high in the trees. Spend the night in a luxurious bungalow in the middle of the rainforest.

Experience the pura vida feeling!

Why go on a round trip through Costa Rica?

Groene Vink Active volcanoes
Groene Vink Tropical beaches
Groene Vink Pristine rainforests
Groene Vink Fairy-tale cloud forests
Groene Vink Adventurous activities (such as ziplining and rafting)
Groene Vink Wildlife (such as toecans, macaws, sloths, monkeys and whales)

Tenorio regenseizoen costa rica
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What makes travelling through Costa Rica unique?

Groene Vink Overnight stays in exclusive lodges
Groene Vink Passionate & certified guides
Groene Vink Visit to Corcovado National Park
Groene Vink Spot special wildlife, such as tapirs & anteaters
Groene Vink Alternate transport (4×4 rental car, boat trips en private driver)

Exclusief Costa Rica
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Areas of our trips through Costa Rica

What is unique about Costa Rica is that the country has many different landscapes, despite its small size. About 25 percent of the country is protected area (national park or reserve). During our trips through Costa Rica you will travel through rainforests, cloud forests and mangroves. You will also discover the tropical beaches and active volcanoes. Spot a lot of wildlife and get to know the locals. They are also called tico’s and tica’s. Overall, experience the pura vida feeling! Every trip through Costa Rica is different. Curious? Contact us!

Tortuguero National Park

Tortuguero is located on the Caribbean coast and is particularly known for the turtles that lay eggs from July to September. The park is also worth a visit out of season. Tortuguero can be reached by boat and via the narrow channels you sail to the lodge. Once in the area, spot wildlife such as crocodiles, caimans, sloths, poison dart frogs, and iguanas. During our trips through Costa Rica you will spend the night in a lodge in the middle of the pristine rainforest. Furthermore, during these nights all meals and three tours are included.

Caribbean coast

On the coast are three Caribbean villages called Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Manzanillo and Cahuita. Characteristic is the laidback lifestyle. You should think of Rastas and Reggae music. This creates a relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy a cocktail on a tropical beach and discover Afro-Caribbean cuisine. All in all, you will experience a different culture on the Caribbean coast than in the rest of Costa Rica. You will also find tropical beaches on this coast such as Playa Punta Uva and Playa Cocles. Experience many activities during your trip through Costa Rica’s such as:

  • Jaguar Rescue Center
  • Cahuita National Park
  • Zip Line through the rainforest
  • Sloths refuge
  • Nature Reserve Gandoca Manzanillo
  • Coati, howler monkeys, iguanas and raccoons
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Arenal Volcano

The active volcano Arenal is about 1,600 meters high. The last eruptions took place in 1968 and 2000. This makes Arenal the most active volcano in Costa Rica. There are also several parks at the foot of the volcano. You can make beautiful walks. First of all, there are viewpoints with stunning views of the volcano itself. In addition, it is possible to walk on lava rocks. Also close to the volcano is the town of La Fortuna de San Carlos. During your trip through Costa Rica you will spend the night in a unique place close to the volcano. There are various activities to enjoy, such as ziplining from treetop to treetop and walking over the hanging bridges through the rainforest. You can also enjoy the view of the waterfall La Fortuna and finally relax in the nearby hot water baths.

National Park Tenorio

The National Park Tenorio is still relatively unknown. During a trip through Costa Rica by Unico Travel you have the chance to discover this park. The park is known for the Tenorio volcano and the clear blue river Celeste with a beautiful waterfall. The river has a turquoise colour because of the different chemical components. Walk through the park past several viewpoints of the Tenorio volcano, the waterfall and finally the meeting point of the river.

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Rincón de la Vieja

The National Park Rincón de la Vieja is located in the north of Costa Rica. Characteristic is that this area is drier and volcanic activities take place. Think of boiling mud pools, geysers and sulphur lakes. Plus, during your trip through Costa Rica, you can go horseback riding with views over the Gulf of Papagayo and hike to nearby waterfalls. Finally, relax in the hot water baths.

San Gerardo de Dota

The cloud forest of San Gerado de Dota looks magical. The area is close to Los Quetzales National Park, giving you a good chance of spotting the rare bird, the quetzal. Walk along waterfalls, streams and rivers. The area is located in the mountains, which gives you beautiful views. In short, a completely different landscape during your trip through Costa Rica.

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National Park Corcovado

One of the most pristine parks during your Costa Rica trip is Corcovado National Park. The park is located on the Osa Peninsula, in southwestern Costa Rica. Corcovado protects more than 400 species of birds and 116 species of amphibians and reptiles. There are also 139 species of mammals, such as tapirs, anteaters, pumas and even jaguars. You can only visit the Corcovado National Park with a special permit and a certified guide. Barbara de Groot, owner of Unico Travel, has lived in Puerto Jiménez for years. As a result, Unico Travel is specialized in this part of Costa Rica. Unico Travel also has good contacts with professional guides and also with the rangers who work at the stations and protect the park.

Drake Bay

Drake Bay is located in the north of the Osa Peninsula. It is still an untouched area and an adventure to get there. That has everything to do with the location. You can reach Drake Bay by boat or by jeep. Cruise through the mangroves and sea or travel by jeep over dirt roads and through the rainforest. There are many activities available, such as hiking along the tropical coast and spotting lots of wildlife. You can also go horseback riding, zip-lining through the rainforest and tubing down the river.

Cano Island

Moreover, it is recommended to snorkel or dive around Caño Island. Swim among the tropical fish, colorful coral, sharks, rays and turtles. You also have the chance to spot whales and dolphins here. It is also possible to head inland from Drake Bay with a local guide or biologist. In short, enjoy an adventure here in the pristine rainforest and authentic village of Drake Bay.

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On the Pacific coast is the town of Uvita and on the beach and the coast is the protected National Park Marino Ballena. This park is known for the many whale and dolphin species. From December to March and from July to September you can spot humpback whales. In addition, a unique natural phenomenon can be seen, namely the Whale Tail. At low tide you can view this sand formation from above. This area is beautiful to enjoy the rainforests and tropical beaches. It is therefore a nice place to end the last days of your trip through Costa Rica. Unico Travel has contact with both boutique hotels and small-scale accommodations of Costa Ricans themselves. Feel free to contact us.

Why travel through Belize with Unico Travel?

Unico Travel organizes unforgettable trips, in which the core values ​​​​of unique, luxury & personal are central. We can provide you with excellent advice about your dream trip to Costa Rica. In addition, Barbara has lived in Costa Rica for years, so she knows all the unique places. After a personal meeting, we know exactly which areas suit you. We are happy to put together the perfect trip for you, so that all you have to do is enjoy!

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8 reasons to take a trip to Costa Rica

1. Diversity of nature

More than a quarter of Costa Rica consists of national parks with different ecosystems. The small green country is a world leader in environmental protection. The respect for nature is deeply rooted in the lifestyle of the local population and this is also reflected in the extensive use of natural products. The diversity of natural landscapes is enormous. Enjoy the primary and secondary rainforests and hike through fairy-tale cloud forests. Plus, admire active volcanoes, relax on tropical beaches, and hike through the mountains! For all nature lovers, Costa Rica is a paradise. Costa Rica is an incredibly diverse country. During your trip through Costa Rica you can fully enjoy various natural landscapes. In short, your dream trip to a tropical natural paradise.

2. Friendly locals

The inhabitants of Costa Rica are called ‘tico’s’. The word tico’s refers to the meaning ‘little brothers’. Costa Ricans place great value on family and friends, but tourists are also warmly welcomed in Costa Rica. The tico’s are proud of their country and are happy to share it. All in all, they do everything they can to ensure that your trip to Costa Rica goes as planned.

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3. Special wildlife

Wildlife protection makes it easy to spot wildlife in Costa Rica. During the trips through Costa Rica you will spot sloths, crocodiles, monkeys, coatis and with luck a puma, tapir or anteater. You can also spot many bird species such as toucans, macaws, hummingbirds and the rare quetzal. At the right time, you can also spot humpback whales and see turtles laying eggs.

4. Adventurous activities

The diversity of nature is ideal for adventurous activities. Float through the rainforest from treetop to treetop with spectacular views. Then discover the beauty of Costa Rica by going rafting. For active hikers it is possible to make a multi-day trip through the Corcovado National Park. You can also dive or snorkel and swim among tropical fish and colorful coral. You can also rappel down waterfalls, take surfing lessons and kayak through the mangroves. It is even possible to slide down a water slide through the rainforest. Naturally, the Unico Travel team has undertaken these activities themselves and we can advise you on which activities suits you the best!

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5. Short travel distances and varied routes

Costa Rica is about the same size as the Netherlands, but the roads are incomparable. Where you often drive from destination to destination as quickly as possible at home, in Costa Rica it is a lot of fun to drive. The landscape is also constantly changing. Moreover, the travel distances are quite short. For example, in a four-hour drive you cross multiple landscapes, which makes driving in Costa Rica so much fun. The roads are also surrounded by beautiful nature.

4×4 rental car and other transport

Costa Rica is the ideal destination to explore by rental car. It is wonderful to drive along the coast on the Costanera and see the sea. You also sometimes drive on unpaved roads, for which you need a 4×4 rental car. Contact us for advice. It is not always convenient to rent a rental car for the entire trip, since you sometimes also sail through the mangroves and rainforests by boat. A private driver also often takes you to the airport at the end of the trip through Costa Rica. Unico Travel is therefore happy to think along with you!

6. Ecolodges in special places

In Costa Rica you can spend the night at ecolodges, located in beautiful places with beautiful views. An ecolodge has a minimal impact on nature and contributes to the protection of adjacent areas. In addition, the lodge also helps the local community and the lodge is designed and built in an ecological way. As a traveller you can also help to protect the nature of the ecolodge, such as by planting a tree. Sustainability is therefore paramount at an ecolodge. Unico Travel works together with a number of these lodges, located in unique places, so that you experience the ultimate nature experience.

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7. Safe and stable country

Costa Rica is known as one of the safest countries in Latin America. For example, the country has no army. Costa Rica has also developed a culture of peace. It is therefore a relatively safe and stable country to travel through, but nevertheless you should always remain alert. For example, do not travel with too many valuables.

8. Experience the pura vida!

If you ask how the tico’s or tica’s are doing, the answer is often pura vida. This means that you don’t have to worry and enjoy the pure life. Pura vida is therefore the lifestyle of the Costa Ricans. Also experience pura vida moments and therefore book a trip through Costa Rica with Unico Travel.

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Extra information and tips about our round trips through Costa Rica

The unique flora and fauna make Costa Rica an Eldorado for nature lovers. Costa Rica is a fairly small country and that is why it is special that there are many different landscapes. Nature is the main reason to visit the country. The country does a lot of nature conservation. A quarter of Costa Rica is protected area and there are also more than 30 national parks. Costa Rica is therefore one of the greenest countries in the world. Discover active volcanoes, pristine rainforests, mangroves, cloud forests and tropical beaches.
Costa Rica is a safe country to travel through with a rental car. With an adventurous 4×4 rental car you travel through untouched nature reserves, cross rivers and drive through the mountains. The roads are generally asphalted, but there are also unpaved roads to the less touristy places. This makes the trip very adventurous. Unico Travel has been working with the same car rental company for years and ensures that the rental car is always fully insured. It is also possible to travel with a private driver. The advantage of this is that you can fully enjoy the landscapes and the driver will explain the environment. You can also often travel locally by shuttle bus, taxi, bike or domestic flight. It is definitely worth flying back to San José from the Osa peninsula, for example. This is a scenic flight along the coast and over the rainforest, in a small plane for about twelve people. A unique experience!
Due to the protection of nature it is possible to spot many animals in Costa Rica. In addition to the diversity of landscapes, discover the variety of wildlife. In the pristine rainforests you can spot animals such as sloths, macaws, toucans, monkeys, poison dart frogs and iguanas. Crocodiles and caimans can often be seen in the river. Hidden deep in the rainforest of Corcovado you have the chance to spot cougars, anteaters and tapirs. On the Pacific coast you have the chance to see whales and dolphins. Bird watchers can indulge themselves in Costa Rica. Spot the rare bird the quetzal, as well as toucans, macaws, king vultures and many hummingbirds. Costa Rica is also a paradise for bird watchers. It is one of the few countries in the world where so many different bird species (more than 900) can be found.
For many travellers, spotting humpback whales is an important reason to take a trip through Costa Rica. But what is the best period now? There are two seasons when the whales migrate to Costa Rica. The first season runs from the end of December to the end of March. The second season runs from late July to late October. Because Barbara from Unico Travel has lived in Costa Rica for years, she knows many local guides. Unico Travel therefore organizes private boat trips on the Golfo Dulce with local English-speaking guides. A unique experience where, in addition to whales, you also have the chance to see dolphins up close.
For many travellers, seeing the turtles lay eggs is an important reason for a trip through Costa Rica. In Tortuguero you can see the turtles laying eggs from July to the end of September. From October to December you can see baby turtles. In Playa Grande, you can see the leatherback turtle laying eggs between November and early February. In the months of November to May you can see other turtles laying eggs in the vicinity of Playa Grande.
There are many options for your international flight to Costa Rica. With more than twelve years of experience, Unico Travel can advise you on the most attractive flights. In the first place, we prefer KLM. From November to March (and in 2021 also in July and August) you can fly direct with KLM from Amsterdam to Costa Rica. In the other months, KLM flies to Costa Rica via Panama City or Paris. It is also possible to fly with Iberia via Madrid, with Swiss Air via Zurich or with Lufthansa via Frankfurt to Costa Rica. If you are flying via the United States, you must complete and then apply for an ESTA form online before departure. The registration costs 14 dollars and this amount can only be paid by credit card.
The Costa Rican cuisine is quite simple, but you can still eat healthy and varied. In Costa Rica you will find both local and international restaurants. A local restaurant is also known as a "soda." Examples of typical Costa Rican dishes are: Gallo pinto (rice, beans and egg), Casado (rice, beans, chicken/pork and salad), Arroz con camarones (rice with shrimps), Arroz con pollo (rice with chicken), Ceviche (fish or shellfish in lime juice)
The following vaccinations are recommended to travel to Costa Rica: DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio) and Hepatitis A. Contact the Area Health Authority in your place of residence well in advance of departure. The Area Health Authority is aware of the latest developments regarding precautionary measures for the country or area. More information can be found on the website of the Area Health Authority.
Corcovado National Park is one of the most pristine parks in Costa Rica. For example, the park protects over 400 species of birds, 116 species of amphibians and reptiles, and 139 species of mammals. You also have the chance to spot tapirs, anteaters and with luck even a puma. Barbara de Groot, owner of Unico Travel, has lived in Puerto Jiménez for years. This makes Unico Travel specialized in this part of Costa Rica. Unico Travel has good contacts with professional guides and also with the rangers themselves who work at the stations and protect the park. Unico Travel often organizes two- or three-day tours through the park. First of all, it is possible to sail from Drake Bay by boat to the Ranger Station Sirena. On arrival it is possible to go hiking for a day. After the walks you will sail back to Drake Bay. It is also possible to stay overnight at the ranger station. Finally, it is possible to hike from the Ranger Station Sirena to the Ranger Station La Leona. This is a 7-hour hike through rivers, rainforests and along tropical beaches. The route can also be the other way around. Our travellers always find the Corcovado National Park one of the highlights of the Costa Rica trip. A special and unique experience.
Since Costa Rica is so diverse, Unico Travel recommends going for about three weeks. In three weeks you will get a good impression of the country. Unico Travel finds it important to stay in one place for several nights. The reason for this is that you can easily discover the area. In addition, you can relax and experience a real holiday feeling. In three weeks you can travel to different areas such as both coasts, the Arenal Volcano, the National Park Rincón de la Vieja, the Cloud Forest and National Park Corcovado. Unico Travel also organizes 2-week photography trips through Costa Rica. Share your passion for photography with your love for travel.
In Costa Rica there are two seasons. You should think of the dry season and the rainy season. The dry season runs from December to April and the rainy season runs from May to November. Each month has its pros and cons. For example, from July to September it is possible to spot whales on the Pacific coast and to see turtles laying eggs in Tortuguero. Traveling in the rainy season really does not mean that it rains every day. Precipitation often falls in the evening and at night and sometimes there is a heavy, but short tropical shower during the day. It is rare that during your trip through Costa Rica it rains for days in a row during the day. If the weather conditions are extreme and unexpected, Unico Travel will provide other accommodation options in another area where the weather conditions are good. For example, it can rain a lot on the Pacific coast, while it is dry on the Caribbean coast. Each area has its own climate. Contact us for advice. Barbara from Unico Travel has finally lived in Costa Rica.
Costa Rica is a versatile destination. From pristine rainforests, fairy-tale cloud forests and mangroves to active volcanoes, tropical beaches and waterfalls. There are many opportunities to experience fun activities such as ziplining, rafting and hiking. In addition, you can spot many animals such as macaws, toucans, monkeys and sloths. Prefer to relax on a tropical beach? That is also possible, in short, something for everyone! Furthermore, the travel distances are also quite short. Unico Travel has the best accommodations and places for families.
Of course you can also combine our trips through Costa Rica with, for example, Panama or Nicaragua.