How we work

Your wishes translated into an unforgettable trip

Thinking along to put together a unique and unforgettable trip for you. This is possible due to our expertise, local contacts and travel experience. Unico Travel finds it important to know what is important to you as a traveller. Do you like photography, birds, diving or adventurious activities? We like to provide detailed explanations about all areas and accommodations. Spend the night in small-scale accommodations and beautiful ecolodges and travel to places that only Unico Travel knows.

Our core values


If one thing becomes clear while travelling, it is that every person has their own wishes and dreams. Every person is unique. This is how the name Unico Travel originated. A combination of the Spanish and English language. Every journey has something unique. You will mainly stay in small-scale and boutique hotels or at unique lodges in places that everyone dreams of. Spend the night in a luxurious villa at Pacuare Lodge, voted one of the most unique lodges in the world by National Geographic. Spot pink dolphins and hike along the colored river CaƱo Cristales in Colombia.


Luxury means something different to everyone. For Unico Travel, luxury equals unique and special. Experiences are more important than ever. Take a dream trip through Latin America with your family, spend the night with your loved one in one of the most beautiful lodges in the world, enjoy your own private pool or stay in a tree house hidden in the pristine rainforest.


We like to think along with you when compiling a trip. This is only possible through personal contact. Thanks to our knowledge of the destinations, we advise which areas and accommodations are the most beautiful for you. After a conversation, Unico Travel puts together a unique tailor-made trip. Then we go through the trip together. It is always possible to make an appointment at our office or at your home. Through good personal contact Unico Travel can realize your dream trip. During the trip there is also regular contact and Unico Travel is available 24 hours a day for emergencies. You will also be surprised by our local contacts on site, who offer you personal service and tell you a lot about the destination itself. An evaluation always takes place after the trip. We often see travellers at the holiday fairs and tell their travel story with enthusiasm. Thanks to our personal service, many travellers have already travelled through Unico Travel several times. Of course you can always contact us. This applies before, during and after the trip.