About us

Unique, Luxurious & Personal, Latin America Specialist

Unico Travel has been organizing tailor-made trips to Latin America for more than ten years. Unico Travel strives to introduce travellers to Latin America in a unique and exclusive way. This is only possible by knowing the destinations/locations yourself and the local contacts on the spot.

I have made beautiful journeys both as a tour guide but also on my personal travels through Latin America. I have lived in Costa Rica for five years, close to the Corcovado National Park. I organized tours, but also prepared full-package travels. My daughter was born in Costa Rica and every year we travel together through Latin America.

Once in the Netherlands, I was frequently approached by travellers who asked my advice. I loved to share my travel experience, knowledge and passion and so as a result I decided to start my own travel company. If one thing becomes clear while traveling is that every person has their own personal wishes & dreams. Every person is unique. The name Unico Travel originated from this. A combination of the Spanish and English language. Every trip has something unique.

Nowadays I am working together with Elise and we love organising unforgettable trips, in which our core values ​​“unique & luxurious & personal” are embedded.

Your experience with Unico Travel will be an guaranteed unforgettable journey!